We are 7.7 Billion People and our one Blue Planet is losing its diversity rapidly.

This jewel in our space should be maintained by us.

Free Trade should not mean that more bottom-line ends up in large corporations that decrease the value of life in waste generated and unsustainable consum. Nor that our only aim is bottom-line driven. We have reached the end of greed based economics. Money is not our purpose.

We waste our resources distribute them unwise and ensure destruction in our wake. We need to create Terra-cities that are earth bound 1Gm² and community conscious. I focus on you, give you the liberty I demand and engage in exchange instead of:

-I am more than you no matter what you say-.

Only if what we do is meaningful to you does our purpose find reason.

I reflect you and reverberate deep knowledge and archaic truths without distinction. We are free like the wind, part of the Universe and take responsibility. I or O. We seek a quorum intelligence inclusive of all input, uncloaking lies that suffocate us, fostering awareness regardless where it comes from. We are celebrating our differences. I am because you are.

Truth is not a dream

Is our future more greed and jealousy, are you always more than me…?

Driving unsustainable consumption in covert war of the digital.

Your AI is broadcasting music directly into your mind. Do you need this body. Upload into deep machine wisdom and control your 3D hologram.

This Earth is round and within a Day we are anywhere on its surface.

This Earth has become small our demand is outstripping resources.

Imagine a better Earth this is no concrete jungle change:

Waste is budging from every pore, the oceans harbor patches the size of a country, waste floating on our over fished waters. Waste is in the air, 2030 is a degree from instability, we need to take a tera ton of CO2e out of thin air to every year to stabilize for life.

We are for the first time living mostly in urban centers and centralizing.

Urban centers find value reducing their carbon footprint. Urbanization needs to improve our environment.

We cannot afford to ruin Natural Capital.

It is the bases of all the value life depends on.

Giving everybody the chance to look after Earth improving Life is the only value we can build on. Save your Investments in Natural Capital evidence.

Every home is built on the hearth here is where the comfort is. It provides the meals and extracts energy. The fireplace is the first energy converter we have used. Now every exhaust spews so much climate changing pollution into the atmosphere that Earth might become inhospitable -hostile. We are witnessing the most rapid reduction of bio diversity at the end of Holocene stability.

We do not need to consume to trash our earth.

Can we be good ancestors. Placing true encounters into human memory.

Now light your stove find your energy. Know how to ignite Coeur Luminaire is straight from the heart where light is making matter.

Technology is from the quantum. We are becoming an interplanetary species. The stove, hearth is decentralized technology to reverse the waste we know makes our climate unstable. The pHi coin is made from this waste and fuel hydrogen syngas runs your energy demands. Coeur Luminaire hearth here on earth and wherever we go cleans and creates a pathogen free clean air.

This stove cleans up the atmosphere, waste provides energy to run your home. It produces coupon proof of every ton of CO2e registered in pHi value on Blockchain.

L32C are your community centers oui share, participate in cleaning up our Earth. You are welcome in the meritocracy, everyone is heard and is validator. Everyone in exchange of these coupons guarantees your space on earth is improving. Proof of Environmental Improvement PoEI is hash to every pHi.

99 pHi deposit starts your participation and you get your stove and pay nothing more it pays for itself making pHi. build this Blockchain, connect into that deposit, register yourself WORLD you are counted.

Earth every m² with 1G i evaluate in pHi worth one ton of CO2e made on Coeur Luminaire. Conceptor Sonic Gravity Sail LeeWard Lift, SFE, QHABAH Jongalunga code.