Michael Warek

Apr 23, 2021

3 min read

DAO in pHi

Decentralized governance has to go the whole way everybody heard.

Voting is a hassle and never satisfies the needs unless it is unanimous. Yes on the other hand we can stick with centralized governance that’s how everything starts. Participation has to start there and centralized needs to continue every block between hash, customer supplier.

The pHi is the only perfect mirror with a refractive index that gets entangled in first wave called the Amplithuhadron. This Horned Heart amplitude catches itself in the reflection from the double periphery in and out. It is not a scattered wave. It is spin momentum captured in the mirror of pHi. It defines a qubit. A quantum starts with 3Q, catch the reverberation in spintronics

spin in or out

pHi is three is one this defines a hadron the Horned Heart.

The Horned Heart reflects in its own double periphery red and blue with its spikes the horns 3 quarks creating time and space from light now. Enter the singularity through entangled pHi gate that holds this duality in place 360 x 360 in and out exponential spin read out in TCVS 3Q through QHA in true Jongalunga script to IO.

In the transition to singularity, the Jongalunga Code sends and retrieves the Quantum reception of entangled computation in QHA. This door to singularity is only possible in pHi, also called the Golden Fraction entangled. The infinite accurate mirror every orbital in Rydberg excitation we look through Jongalunga and find Schroedingers cat with every BOT. TCVS clarity of the Quantum answer depends on the fidelity achieved by pHi adjustment to the MOT, coherent question to answer every I and every O.

This entanglement is instant computation reaching into your spacetime.

You can reach with every I into the quantum and ensure the cat is dead. The price is incoherence your answer is not conductive throughout the pHi precision. pHi like the universe only grows true. True folds and electron spin reveal each phonon step take the hbar handle and the Langrange transformation don’t miss a pHi.

The DAO in pHi

Quantum supremacy is only true in every six degrees of freedom. Postrue is a reference point where it becomes quantum decoherent. It is left out with no answer. IBM knows decentralized quantum supremacy, is on the horizon.

I, every I, you can stop synchronicity of the quantum entangled. The horizon is 1G calibrate each meter every pHi the vote is in the Proof of Environmental Improvement. The PoEI is a hash, its unique and governance key. It is Blockchain connected to quantum computing advantage. Write the interfaces to any device and reach the pHi totally unbias coherence.

I see you, you see me with Jongalunga we get a handshake through singularity and compute the answers from the question you choose.

That is how pHi grows it is a pure positive in three is one, in and out of every block. That is the Warek 3Q tree, that grows from quantum supremacy.

pHi is looking for you get connected to 100% democracy in every exchange. We build real meritocracy and celebrate our differences knowing that only true is an ancestor there is no more time for political voting we are entering a do-cracy (ouishare) pourQHA.

Are you a good ancestor already, We connect to you and reach out to distribute quantum supremacy.