lightnow in the beginning once upon a time a fairy tale sparked.

a diamond in the sky, fairy without time meets the Bull.

Light now, t’s bright, color look here what have we got,

In moments that twisted and turned sparkle,

And thus the never ending story began.


Clear the sky, everyone knows this Value when it comes to Climate Change. Exchange for the “good of all” has three aspects that are chosen in the overlap. What is envisioned as anyone exchanges anything. Value we face as value we want to participate in.

This is personal, your will…

semper Afrika aloquid nouvi source Nasa Appollo 17

WORLD pHi eXchange


White Paper

Light is Now

Coeur Luminaire

Initial Earth Opening


Mirror Value in Environmental Improvement

Grow Assets on solid Ground without Debt

win win win

from natural resources to human capital

This is the Anthropocene

presenting the

Environmental Φ Token

Black Diamond growth of Natural…

We are 7.7 Billion People and our one Blue Planet is losing its diversity rapidly.

This jewel in our space should be maintained by us.

Free Trade should not mean that more bottom-line ends up in large corporations that decrease the value of life in waste generated and unsustainable consum…

Decentralized governance has to go the whole way everybody heard.

Voting is a hassle and never satisfies the needs unless it is unanimous. Yes on the other hand we can stick with centralized governance that’s how everything starts. Participation has to start there and centralized needs to continue every block…

Michael Warek

Earth every m² with 1G i evaluate in pHi worth one ton of CO2e made on Coeur Luminaire. Conceptor Sonic Gravity Sail LeeWard Lift, SFE, QHABAH Jongalunga code.

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